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Chasing engine issue in my 73

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12 hours ago, Zed Head said:

Hey, you got quite a bit of help here.  I think we deserve at least a simple word or two about what the problem was.  It's how the good forums work.

Don't be embarrassed if it was something simple.  We've all had those.

Sorry about that, thought it was clear. I installed a new fuel pump and the intermittent stumbling problem appears to be solved. Did richen up the front carb during tune-up, which appears to have fixed the detonation I was hearing.

Only issue now is I need to get the OEM fuel pump rebuilt so I can return to the stock look. New fuel pump off the shelf is an ugly one.

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10 hours ago, Geoff's 240z said:

I need to get the OEM fuel pump rebuilt

What's the latest on getting fuel pumps rebuilt anyway? I went through 3 mechanicals (the OEM and two cheap knockoffs) before I finally caved and installed a little K&N electric pump near the tank.  I can hear the clicking sound of that electric pump in my dreams now so I really would like to go back to a mechanical unit at some point.  Last I heard people were trying to figure out how to scavenge the one-way valves from some new units to put into the body of the old units to make some kind of best-of-both-worlds-frankensteins-pump.  Anyway, let me know if you find a good source for reliable mechanical pumps - I'm interested.

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