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Parts for Sale: JDM Comp Steering wheel set


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JDM Comp Steering wheel set

Like new. Used to mockup interior. Only mounted once.


  • Part number: 40-J4285+ 40-J4235/40-J4240/40-NS201
  • Make/model: Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z 510 Nissan Skyline and more


The competition steering wheel was a factory option offered by Nissan back in the 70's, and one of the most popular. This limited replica is made from the original production molds. These are not leather-wrapped like the first generation wheels; rather, they are the more common and popular urethane type.

  • Bolt-on installation. No adapters required
  • Measures 13 3/4" (Stock wheel measures 14 7/8")
  • Horn switch comes pre-installed on all variants
  • For LHD cars, you'll need to bend down the turn light stalk a bit to get by your hands
  • 40-NS250 - Recommended adapter for installing in Skyline cars. This will allow the turn light stalk to return properly (sold separately)
  • 40-J4285 - $299
    • Steering wheel only
    • Stock 260Z / 280Z / 510 type horn pad will not fit!
  • 40-J4285+40-J4240 - $399
    • US-type "Datsun" logo horn pad included
  • 40-J4285+40-J4235 - $399
    • JDM-type "Z" logo horn pad included
  • 40-J4285+40-JS201 - $399
    • Skyline Hakosuka/Kenmeri horn pad included
  • Complete list of compatible vehicles:
    • Skyline Hakosuka GC10KGC10PGC10/Skyline Kenmeri GC110/ Skyline Yonmeri/Skyline Japan GC210 Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z / Fairlady Z S30 S31 / Datsun 280 ZX / Fairlady 280Z S130 Roadster SR Fairlady SR311 Laurel HC130KHC130/KHC230KHC231HC231 Datsun 510 Blue bird SSS / P510KP510VP510
  • Caution: There are small rough spots on the rear surface of the wheel. These are from the vacuum injection process and are present even on genuine Nissan examples. 
    • Since it is completely normal for this item, we cannot accept any returns of this item citing this issue

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