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I found a metal tube in the oil pan


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I'm new to mechanics and Z's and learning as I go: I have an oil leak on my 7/70 240z, so I removed the oil pump and dropped the oil pan. Laying in the front of the pan was this metal tube and I cannot find it's source. I think it's hollow and has two very small holes along it's shaft; and one end looks like it was brazed. I think it's use is for spraying oil? Is it part of the windage tray? Thank you.



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43 minutes ago, Chip+4 said:

I think it's use is for spraying oil? 

Take off the valve cover and check the spray bar.  I think that your guess is correct.  Hopefully there are no damaged cam lobes.  Also possible that it is left over from some past catastrophe up top.


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It would need to be brazed back together after taking things apart.  You might find an aftermarket solution.  I did a quick internet look but didn't find anything.

You definitely need to fix it though.  Check your cam shaft carefully.  If it's been that way for long then your cam lobes have not been getting lubrication.  If your cam shaft is shot then you'll want to get an internally oiled camshaft to replace it.

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