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Just some stickers.. 300zxtt

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My painter did a little correction on a paintjob..(rear bumper.). and finished with a good cleaning.. this was years ago.. He damaged the black sticker and the Nissan sign on the rear .. (in a carcleanershop with to much pressure on the HPcleaner.)


I investigated the prices   the long black sticker $76,97 ex.. the nissan sticker $53,13 and twinturbo costs $42,52  thats  $172,62  And excl. VAT.. and shipping... and then customs.. mmm nice work painter..

De nieuwe 500 la Prima
Rij weg in de stadsauto van de toekomst: De nieuwe Fiat 500.

Is there a cheaper solution?  Yes a "300zx fairlady"  sticker on the back  instead of the nissan and twinturbo sticker this one costs about 18-19 dollars .. That would be Japanees original but not europe original... i don't know if that's a problem? 

Anyone other ideas?





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18 hours ago, Zup said:

stock 300zxtt,

Yeah.. i think i check with my painter... i have a small bill still open i need to pay him haha.. (for my blue 280zx)  maybe we can agree on a little contribution from his side.. 😉

Yes the car is a stock one.. i build in a new radio but took the effort to get the connectors from a spare radio so the new radio can exchanged in 10 minutes to original! Cables are NOT molested!  

I bought this car like new in 2007 with 61000 km on the clock..  (has now 86500) This car has also never seen winter.. Our DMV is called RDW  (sort of)  and they keep track on when the car is getting used  or not..  (it's called "schorsen" = postponed or suspended)  They also keep track every year(!) on the driven kilometers! and check if your vehicle is still MOT  (Overhere APK) approved!  IF not you need to suspend the car otherwise you will get a big fine!

Every owner of a car in the Netherlands can ask the RDW for a list of his or her car, how much kms it made and when.. isn't that beautiful hey! 

Further they also check if your vehicles are assured!  If not? SCHORSEN!= take it of the street and postpone the roadtax and maybe also the assurance..

About roadtax..   A car like a 240z and my 280zx is free.. this means i can drive it when i assure it and it has a MOT  (APK here in Netherlands.) 

A car like the 300zxtt is not over 40 years old and you have to pay roadtax, this is depending on WEIGHT.. pfff... as a 300zxtt weighs 1630 kg overhere i pay almost a 1000 euro's a year only to be allowed to go on the street..  It needs also to be insurred and have an MOT..  Yeah yeah.. Dutch regulations... oeps..

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39 minutes ago, Zup said:

Mine is sleeping.

psst... mine to.. but i wake it every month to run the airco/climatecontrol..  and it saves it.. after 28 years still the original filling R12 and 5,1 degrees celcius at outlet! 

Also the hydrolic lifters need some action!  And lately i hear that the heater system also needs action.. take it standing through the gears also good... yeah a good preservation needs some dedication huh?

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Jim....Jim...Jimmm...  When do you put the wheels on the right side?  Your right wheels are the left ones... look on the rim it says R and L.. for a reason..  When they are on the correct side the design sucks the air from under the car, yours are now putting the air under the car..  (those tireguys.. sleeping also..)

A 300ZXTT and non turbo 1989-2000  has 4 different rims.. and there are 4 different part numbers on them CHECK THEM..

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