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Heater Foam

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I used various sizes of adhesive-backed insulation strips from the hardware store. They are sold in coils and should be with the door and window insulation stuff. Some worked better than others - the main problem I had was than some of them had crappy adhesive. Overall, it worked fine.

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20 hours ago, Tirnipgreen said:

Does anyone know of a source for the entire set of foam pieces to completely restore a 240z heater...?


No such kit exists.  You'll need to make your own.  I posted a set of downloadable templates on this site several years ago, along with a written guide outlining procedures and materials.  You'll need to use the search tool to find them.  The work is very finnicky.  You not only need to cut along the inner and outer perimeters of each gasket, but in many cases also punch out holes for the fasteners.

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