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Japanese s30z's street racing/drifting

z shredder

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recently I have been watching some sold japanese mountain/street racing videos from the 90's and couldn't help but notice the lack of fairladys.

you have your usual rx7 , skyline, supra, AE86 and 240sx but I could only finde these 2 pictures of s30's from that era.

It would be cool if you could share some of your pictures and maybe help me to why I cant seem to find any.

240Z Street Racer Oldschool Street Racing in Japan!

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2 minutes ago, Zed Head said:

From what I've picked up they don't drift well unless you modify the steering to allow more range lock-to-lock.  You can't get the wheel turned far enough to hold a drift.

Yea I noticed that when I first turned to full lock, but that still doesnt explain why they wouldnt race them on the streets becaus they also used lots of civic's integras and other fwd cars that well....... don't drift 😅

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Could be the numbers of cars around, power, age of cars or just that people who like Z's aren't the same as people that like street racing.

No offense intended but on the three forums I've browsed around the most over the years since I got my car most Z owners think that drifting and street racing is not a smart thing to do.  Illegal, dangerous, senseless...dumb.  Every now and then a racer/drifter will pop up on the forums but they don't get much positive feedback.  Maybe try the drifting/racing forums.  I can't even recall a drifter/street racer being on this forum within the last few years.  Although Rush's Red Barchetta has been posted on the Saturday Night Music sub-forum.

I used to "drift" my GTO when I was 16 and hooned all over the region I lived in.  But for whatever reason as I got older I started to get more sensible. 

The Z's don't survive crashes very well either.


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I get your point and maybe I should have cleared this up before but I am not trying to get information to use my 240 for street racing.

I just really enjoy the old japanese car culture and would like to learn more about it.

aswell as that I know of a few highway (wangan) racing Z's from around that period and I would just like to collect a few cool old school street racing pictures from japan 😉

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