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240Z Factory battery cable

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I'm looking for a picture of the original/factory battery cables + and -) for the 240Z.
I tried to find this information on internet but every cars i found have different cables...

Also, cables are the same for all years, or they are different between series ?

Thank you for your help.

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Finally dawned on me what that black blob is on the positive cable. It a rubber cover for the terminal. 

Now I have find some that fit the terminals I bought to do this right(er).


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I had a set of cables that the "blobs" were still on, but the ends were replaced with straight generic ones. This is what I did to make them more right(er). I used the covers as a mold.






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8 hours ago, 240dkw said:

I had a set of cables that the "blobs" were still on, but the ends were replaced with straight generic ones. This is what I did to make them more right(er). I used the covers as a mold.


That is really interesting, great idea!


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I realized I have one good original negative cable on the new to me 71 I just picked up. 

Now “we” need one of those original blobs to use to make reproduction blobs....

I’ve taken detailed measurements of the cable, lugs, wires etc. Finding the very heavy lugs that Nissan used is going to be a challenge in todays cheap crap marketplace. The big cable lug is a brass or copper monster made with 2mm thick metal and has a lovely crimped connection done with a serious tool.











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Given the price, I’m kinda thinking they may be OEM cables. The Fiche does show different cables starting 72-07. 

Going to have to call them to get details if you want to see the difference

I can imagine nothing location or lug size, or grounding difference. Might be a “better” battery terminal end upgrade or style or something

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Hi All,

I started following this thread when I got back from an extended work trip and thought this link might be helpful:


Although these may be too pricey for some, Steve Nixon reproduces the cables and they are perfect replicas.

I suggest that instead of creating another replica, time and money might be better spent supporting the efforts of those that have already done it.


In reference to a few of the questions above:

The Z Store does not have any of these original cables in stock and it is highly unlikely they will ever have them again. I purchased some of the last ones they had several years ago and have found a couple of sets from a Canadian source since, but recent inquiry informs that they are now unavailable.

There is no discernible difference in the 70-72/ 73-74 cables. I have them installed on my 73.

CanTechZ is correct. The positive cable is the only one that had a terminal insulator cap originally. Steve's reproductions have them on both in an abundance of caution. (Many Z owners do not purchase batteries with the correct terminal orientations)



your photography skills are really getting better---great closeups Jim!


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I really don’t want to get in the reproduction parts business, at least not yet. I do want to produce “reasonable” items that come close to the originals at first glance at a reasonable price for my own projects. 

I will include my rough notes and doodles of the detail measurements of my negative cable. Sorry for the not-perfectly readable scribbles. No I’m not a doctor.



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Great reference material Jim!

When I posted above I had not yet read your exchange with Rich (motorman7) regarding creating the cables using the Pep Boys type terminal ends. You guys continually amaze me in your inventiveness and adaptations using off the shelf pieces, getting very acceptable (reasonable) results.

To Everyone: Please accept my apologies if my comments appeared to be disparaging of anyone chosing to make their own. That was not my intent.

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