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Restoration of HLS30-12070


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Side project I’ve been working on during the dash rebuild on the Z is upgrading the original fuse box. I went ahead and ordered the blade style of fuse box offered through MSA. This upgrade as been discussed in other threads on this forum, one topic being the connectors used on the new fuse box. Looks like apart from the bullet style connectors used, I’ll end up having to swap out the other ones for the correct ones used originally on the car. The 6 pin plugs use the latching style of connection. Fortunately Vintage Connections offers the correct non-latching connectors to mate up to the existing harness. Not a huge deal, but details like that would drive me nuts. They also offer the correct blade style connectors needed to swap out the two crimp-on connectors also supplied with the new fuse box.

240Z Fuse Box.JPG

The other topic discussed about this fuse box is the fact that it’s physically larger than the original unit, so much so that the factory cover will not fit over the box. Again, not a huge deal, but I want to make any update on the Z to look as factory as possible. As an attempt to fix this, I modeled up an adapter plate that can be used to mount the original cover to the new fuse box. The idea being I could use mount the adapter to the new box through the mounting screws, and then snap the original lid to it just as the factory did. It will take a few iterations of tweaking the part, but with a personal 3D printer updates are easy to test. I’ll report back once/if I get a design that I’m happy with.

240Z Fuse Box Adapter 2.JPG


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The original console was structurally in good shape, but sun baked causing the textured finished to crack. Since there aren’t many of these floating around I decided to restore it. 


I first sanded down the textured finish where it was damaged and used body filler to fill in the deeper hairline cracks. 

This was then top coated with a quality high build primer, and then sanded down to perfect the surface. 



SEM sells a great interior/exterior textured coating. Very lightly applying it, a thin texture was sprayed where the original had been removed. 

Finally it was top coated with a trim paint from SEM. 


Very happy with the results. If you look at the closeup finished photo, the flat area of the console behind the shifter opening received no textured finish and was left untouched apart from the primer and top coat. It now blends seamlessly with the new texture on the sidewalls of the console. 


Last photo is of the SEM products used to do this. Give it a go before buying a repop!

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  • 2 weeks later...
13 minutes ago, DC871F said:

No expenses spared on this one. One question, is this going to be a driver?

YOu have set the bar here.

I would hope that me and whoever owns this car next apprentices it and drives it. Hate to see them sit. 

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14 minutes ago, grannyknot said:

Beautiful as usual, could you share the details on the steering rod Ujoints?

Here’s some more info on them:


ATV700 is the PN. You can pick them up on Amazon, eBay, etc today. They’re an affordable and direct swap into the Z!

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9 minutes ago, Patcon said:

I used those myself but found they needed a little clearancing to get into the yoke ends. Did you have any issues?

I didn’t have any problems on this particular install. If anything the caps are a hair bit longer than the originals, but didn’t pose an issue 

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13 minutes ago, Patcon said:

I wonder if there are a number of parts using that number bit vary in construction?


I’d bet so. It’s a fairly arbitrary PN, could have multiple supplier producing it under the same name. 


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14 hours ago, CW240Z72 said:

She’s alive! Didn’t take much to bring it to life. Slight rattle from the resonator in the background. A part from that sounds healthy, good oil pressure and no leaks. 

Few tweaks and she’ll be able to move under her own power and begin the break in process. 



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