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Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that I will be taking the club offline so we can move our data to a new machine.  The existing machine is running an operating system that is EOL in a month.  Like with all technology, there comes a point where we must adapt for the future.  Our new machine is prepped and ready to go.  It's simply waiting for me to take some time to get in and make the move.  As we do the move to our new machine, you may notice a few bugs here and there.  Please let me know about these bugs by filing a support ticket.  This is the best way I know how to track the issues if I miss anything.  As with these kinds of technology swaps, there may be some glitches that I'll need to work out.

As far as costs, we are looking at a new machine that will cost us double our current fees.  If you've been holding off to support the club, now is a good time to join our supporting members group by purchasing a subscription.  I know I am asking a lot, but, if you really believe in what we do here please support our cause.  In exchange, you'll see a decrease in ads -- which is awesome if you are using the site on a consistent basis.  In exchange we will have the funds necessary to continue down this venture.  Running this site is a passion of mine, but it does take a lot of work and there are real costs involved in maintaining this venture.

Things are a bit different since our last move.  This time we are leasing a server, instead of buying one.  I decided to go with a physical machine because the costs are more controlled.  If we were to go into the "cloud" there is no way to estimate our costs.  Too many cost variables in cloud hosting for this nerd [*points to self].

Look for an announcement soon, when this move will take place.


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It looks like life has grabbed me by the balls again...  I haven't had a chance to get to this server move but will plan to do it toward the end of this week.

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