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[2020] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?

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4 hours ago, Racer X said:

Looks more like an afternoon sitting in the shade, drinking piña coladas. 🙂


But look at all that clean, shiny metal (and the gaping hole in the front of the rocker panel)! I managed to wait until the car was back in the garage before cracking the first beer!

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13 minutes ago, Patcon said:

Slow poke! Its 5 o'clock somewhere! 😉

I can't wait on erectile dysfunction, where it's always 5 oclock. :beer:

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Posted (edited)

Saturday the Colorado Z Car Club (Denver area) had an autocross at a Sheriff's training center where there is a nice asphalt area...they even provided the cones for us!

I hadn't driven an autocross in about 22 years.  My 280ZX has fairly new all-season tires, as they were about the only thing I could find in the original size, but what the heck. I aired them up to 39 PSI all around and had at it.  

There weren't many cars there - about a dozen - so we all got in plenty of runs. I had about 8 runs.  It was a tight course, and I ran the whole thing in first gear, but that wasn't all bad because it kept the turbo spooled up so I had good acceleration power. Also good, my times dropped steadily.  I started off at 58:xx, then ran 57:xx. then 56:xx, then 54:xx, and my last couple of runs were 52:xx.  I managed to take off six seconds and didn't catch a single cone. The fastest time was set by a gent in a track-prepared 350Z  at about 44 seconds. 

It also gave me a chance to make sure the new helmet I bought for the autocross at the national Z Car Convention in Colorado Springs fit well.  I'm happy with it.

That was a great way to spend a Saturday AM, and the sun cooperated by hiding behind cloud cover until about noon. 

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