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GMB Fuel pump reviews?


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Hey guys, 

as my 240z is still equipped with the almost 50 yrs old original pump I think I should get a new one as good measure. Is there anyone running the GMB pump? It looks almost similar. On Amazon there are mixed opinions (works fine, broke down after a few miles). 





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I replaced my old, original Nikki pump a few years ago when I got my 240Z out of storage.  I replaced it with a GMB.  It worked fine initially, but after a few months (probably no more than 50 miles of driving), it stopped working.  I got another GMB, and it too worked for a few days and then quit.  I used a vacuum pump to determine that the problem was the "one way valves" that allow fuel to enter the pump, and exit the pump, were failing to keep a good seal.  The rubber diaphram (driven by the lobe on the cam) that is used to "pull fuel in" and "push fuel out" was just fine.  I took the good GMB bottom (with rubber diaphram) and used my old, original Nikki top (with the original two valves) and mated them together to create one good pump.  It's been working for over a year, granted I don't drive the car much, but that is longer than either of the GMB pumps.  Needless to say, I am not a fan of the GMB pumps.

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