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1970 240Z seat bracket plastic protectors

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So, I have two 240Zs in the garage.  One is a January 1971  (with everything on a 1970) and the other is a February 1971.  The seats in the 1/71 seem to have been reupholstered at some point and have some hand cut, cheesy clear plastic between the upholstery and the seat back brackets.  I see on the 2/71 that the plastic is thicker and precisely cut, fitting perfectly under the brackets such that I think that these are original.

My question, to those with original 1970 240Z seats, are these plastic protectors used on the 1970 year?  Or, is this just a 1971 onwards improvement?

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@zed2 , a member on this site, reproduced these some time back. I bought a set of them---they were nicely made.

He may still have some if you are in need. A PM to him may answer that question.


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From my research all 1970-1978 had the protectors.  The later model 240Z seat that had the reclining mechanism had a different shape to the clear plastic, but same gauge material.


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