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Wiring harness issue? Maybe?


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So ive been having trouble getting my fuel pump to work when plugged into the wiring harness. So i had to hardwire it straight to the battery with a switch in between. It wasnt a huge priority to fix but i've realized that my fuel gauge doesnt work either so im thinking theres a problem with the back end of the harness. I tested the connectors for the fuel pump that are under the passenger seat and was reading less than half a volt while the car was running. Any suggestions?

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If the engine is running and you are readin 0.5volts, something wrong with the way you are testing it or your meter is bad.

What is the fuel gauge doing. Reading full is a sign of a bad ground which could be related to the pump problem, but not likely. If it's reading empty, then you have most likely a problem with the power supply to your gauge.

Sounds like you have two separate problems

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