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72 Fairlady Z never converted to US requirements

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I agree with Alan's assessment. Seems like a nice survivor S30-S (Fairlady Z-S). It's actually a twin to the blue S30-S I bought last year from Michigan that 240260280Z posted a link to above. Note there is no provision for an inspection light in the engine bay and the antenna looks to be the manual extending and locking version that came with the base AM radio (same as my car has). Would be nice to see more interior shots to see if it has all the original rubber mats that Alan posted pictures of. In addition to the front mats there are small mats behind the seats and in the rear hatch area. Curious if it has a clock or the standard blanking plate for the Z-S ( as mine does) and if it has the standard Z-S four speed or was upgraded to the five speed as mine was. Does the dash have any cracks? Original radio? Things like that will also affect the value.


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