Newsletter - August 2019

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    Here's a copy of the newsletter sent to all registered members today.  Hope you enjoyed it!


    Hi {member_name},

    We wanted to give a big THANK YOU for being a member of The Classic Zcar Club.  Here's a quick update from the club.

    Event Season!  For those of us on the Northern Hemisphere, it has been a great summer.  The 2019 Zcar Convention was held without a hitch, in an air conditioned showroom.  You can see photos and conversations about the convention here.  There was also a big showing of Scarab Z's at the show this year.  Next years show (2020) has also been announced.  This will be the big 50th Anniversary of the Z, so don't miss it!  Many other events have also been very successful, take a look at the club calendar to see what's been going on.

    Website.  The Classic Zcar Club has also been launching new features as well.  We have a new Classifieds area, web links directory, and Our Picks features for our most popular posts.  The classifieds have been a popular area and the links directory is full of useful sites.  "Our Picks" gives us the opportunity to bring featured posts to the front and it also sends posts to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  These new features have been helping our club grow and Z-related content gives us a big presence on the public Internet.

    Membership.  Membership growth has been steadily increasing, and I am proud to say that our system is very good at filtering out the spam.  If you haven't been to the site in awhile, come on back and take a look.

    Sponsors.  We did sign up a new sponsor this summer.  VTO Wheels is a great company, and their wheels are a killer addition to your Z.  They can custom drill all of their wheels and have many offsets available.  Our biggest sponsor, Motorsport Auto, is also providing discounts to our members (find your membership number on our home page).  Zcar Depot has also been running sales during the summer.  I spoke with Ztherapy (SU carburetor builder) last week and they are busier than ever, but, willing to fit your project into the queue.  For more information about our sponsors, and links to their websites, visit our Sponsor Page.

    Subscription Plans.  We did launch a subscription system to raise money.  Although we do get most of our finances from Google Adsense (ads on our pages) and direct sponsors, we do need your help to keep the club on its feet.  There are two paid subscription plans available - $5/mo and $10/mo.  Both subscriptions will remove ads on the club website, but, the more expensive option also gets you a copy of the Zcar Microfiche CD in downloadable form.  We wouldn't be here without you, so, consider this as a method to support your Z habit.  You'll get many years of advice from our knowledgeable members and know you're supporting a good cause.

    Z Car Values.  This year has been a HUGE leap in the average sales price for a Classic Z.  Most of us radical Z owners have been monitoring many of the auction prices throughout the year.  This summer, we saw a few early models sell for six-figures!  

    Data.  For all you data people, I have some numbers for you below.  As I mentioned above, our membership is growing!  We have also seen a big increase in files from our shared file system, gallery, and most of the forums.  Our content, and user database, has a unique focus on the Classic Z.  After all, this is why we are here!

    Here's the latest information from the club database:

    • Your Member ID:  {member_id}
    • Your Member Name:  {member_name}
    • Your Profile:  {member_url}
    • Your Join Date:  {member_joined}
    • Your Last Visit:  {member_last_visit}
    • Your Post Count:  {member_posts}
    • Total Verified Members:  {reg_total}

    Thanks for reading, and don't forget to come on by and say hi!


    {suite_name}  -  {suite_url}

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