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Restoration Unveiled Today 08.17.2019


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I have a 1983ZX Coupe that has 254,000 miles on it. I’ve done a lot of internal work over the years, rebuilt Trans, repair of head block bolts, exhaust system, tie rods, shocks etc but have neglected the interior and some rust bubbles. the car actually looks pretty nice for a car with so many miles on it. My plan is to either a) buy replacement fenders and repaint or b) repair fender/body bubbles as best I can and repaint. I’m leaning towards repairing but would like some advice. Got new OEM restored wheels for Christmas so polished up the hubcaps. I’ll post another one when they are installed.



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It's been awhile for me, but the restoration is off and running.  Windshield is out, rear hatch glass is out, both for rust to be mitigated.  Engine is overhauled and complete, transmission is overhauled, front suspension is back in (shocks, rotors, calipers, boots, etc.).  Next is the rear suspension, fuel tank flush, and start of rust mitigation.  I'm hoping for completion by late summer. 

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6 hours ago, hansmeister said:

but the restoration is off and running. 

Good!  Start your own resto topic!  It's nice to see your own restoration steps later when you are finished! 

(And we like also to see some pictures of your progress!) 

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Here are the new wheels. I’ve looked at getting it restored but the cost seems too high for the miles on it. High end was $25,000. The engine is pretty strong though, 29 mpg when I brought it back to CO from TX. I may just sell it to someone looking for a project. I’ve driven it pretty hard lately, high speed turns mostly to see the rigidity of the body and to be honest, not a creak. There is rust however, a couple places through floor but not huge. A bit discouraged.


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17 hours ago, pbprutzman said:

Any comments?


That spot needs a lot work.. it's more layers of sheetsteel..

But thats not the problem, most USA cars have trouble with al the rubber and plastic parts, dry rot and just fragile plastic.. I restored a now 42 year old 280zx that was always garaged in the Netherlands and all the rubbers and plastic parts were perfectly reusable! (It also had a low milage (119 000km)

Lots of those parts are (at the moment) not new available..  ( maybe when more and more people discover how nice a 280zx drives and they all want new parts maybe then NISSAN will make new parts again..)

I once "heard" that NISSAN would like to make al the parts again for all their sportscars..(Z-line and skyline GT-R)  but thats just a rumor??


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