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1973 240Z Awakening


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I purchased this 1973 240z CA/AZ (one owner car) that's been hibernating for 25 years in a AZ. garage.   I am working on waking it up.  (See NEW MEMBER - NEW CAR Topic).  Work started  - Pulled the head, there was a bent push rod and a bad lifter.  Sent head off for a rebuild (forgot to take a picture before installing). The timing chain was installed incorrectly in the past (180 degrees off) this would make the car run poorly (as you can imagine).  Maybe that's why the PO parked the car in a garage for the last 25 years.  The exhaust manifold was cracked all the way through, it couldn't be repaired so I ordered a coated header.  Exhaust system from MSA TBC Coated 6-1 Header and MSA Premium Exhaust System. New parts installed - new timing chain, water pump, fuel pump, MSA 60 Amp alternator, and motor mounts. Exhaust came in last week,  finishing up the engine and then starting up the engine / car for the first time in 25 years.







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This looks like a great car , body looks awesome.  Just a thought, depending on what your thinking of doing to the car in the long term... with all the engine parts out you may want to consider getting the engine bay painted Blue to match the exterior unless you intend to convert back to original Orange.  But in general the car looks really solid and great !!!   Keep us posted !!!

Did your '73 come with SU Flat Tops?  Wonder what your plan is for carbs...

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Thanks, its a very solid car and the undercarriage is very clean. I plan to eventually go back to the original Red (110) the current engine bay color. It came with the rountops. The plan is to get the car running and then I will decide what to do.(probably keep the round tops).


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This weekend: Installed MSA exhaust system, 3 Core Radiator, new radiator hoses and new hoses all around,  Slave Cylinder, Water Outlet housing, Rebuilt both carbs,  still more to do next week.






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