A Laymans' opinion of Nissan, past and present

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    Like him or hate him, Scotty Kilmer on You Tube answers a fellow's question about Nissan on his channel that some of us old timers might find interesting.


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    I think this hits the mark pretty well. I have a 2015 Pathfinder and I'm way less than impressed. I had a 2003 Murano that was great and the CVT worked fine. Due to complaints from US buyers Nissan had the "Bright idea" to add simulated shift points to the CVT, BIG MISTAKE! Seems to me that you should just do a real multi-gear tranny rather than gimmick up the CVT to fake shift. After 2 240Z's, 1 Stanza 5 speed stick, 2 Maxima SE's (1992 & 2000) with 5 speed sticks and a 2003 Murano I figured trading in the Murano on the Pathfinder would be a safe move, not so! After the Pathfinder I think I've seen my last new car from Nissan. Nissan seems to have lost their way in the ability to build really solid vehicles, especially at the prices they charge.

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