S30 Chassis Jig and Sheet Metal Fabrication

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On 8/3/2019 at 5:55 AM, scotta said:

Great stuff. Not sure if you have it yet, but would be really interested to have the design include the hood mounting bolt holes. Thanks


20 hours ago, scotta said:

Plus the hood latch and radiator top bar positioning. This way a sub jug could be built that would fit over the engine (if still installed) and confirm placement of suspension tower tops, and hood setup. 


Thanks! The CAD model and drawing are not finished yet, but I'll add what I can when I get to it. 

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16 hours ago, Nat0z said:

Monkey, what Cad data did you need? Ive already taken the body diagram i to cad, traced and verified most of the data. Ive made a body jig, which allows me to measure from, similar ro a car-o-liner / global jig. Ive made sil panel clamps which pinch the sill edges(lasercut 16mm steel plates on base plates). 

Accuracy on jig is <0.5mm, and serves me well. To the point frustrates my mate who bumped my car moving it and now has an alignment issue on one of the strut towers. (bumped frame with a forklift with the lh tower against the hoist!)  oouch. 

Basically ive used a 10mm dia pin which is the 'C' datum and i can use a tape anywhere diagonally to pinpoint with a plumbob or square, to fit a point in 3d space. I think i had some pics on the Aus Z car site somewhere. If not ill post some up here. 


Honestly I could use anything to help me verify dimensions, or to just improve upon my design. 
And 0.5< accuracy is great! Hope mine is close to that. I've been trying to build this for a month, and I've messed up my cuts enough to inspire me to drop 500 dollars on an evo-saw. 
Do you have a link to your data? 


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