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Rusty hole

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I knew this was there just didn't know how severe it was until today. Had my exhaust tweaked a little better and while up on his lift I took some photos. Passenger's seat has one all the way through. It had leaked out the heater cores water c o c k for years apparently and caused this.

Will new floor pans take care of this? Thanks in advance. Cliff


Driver's side, not as bad...


Rest of it...


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If it were mine, I would only replace the places in the floor with patches that need it and replace the rusty frame rails. Now if you get it cleaned up and you find a lot more holes I might change my mind but on the car I am doing know that is what I did. I might have a partial floor pan from Charlie that would have the section you need. You would also need to get some frame rails. I'll be in "T-town" on Thurs evening until sometime late Friday Afternoon. If you wanted to try to meet up. I know you're pretty far North of I-20

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Yep, frame rails are nice and beat up. First I'm going to fill that hole in with something yet to be determined (I'll have to do my homework).

I may just leave it as is and sale it right before I kick as an original survivor. Hopefully we'll stay out of harms way?

Tuscsloosa is about 2 hours from my house down a pot hole filled interstate I-59. I believe I'll wait until Tennessee ZCON next year to see you and Cody. Thank you though!  Cliff

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