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1970 Franklin Mint 240Z up for Auction on BaT

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Ok  soggyfishtaco, I spent a lot of time going through Paul's invoices when I should have been working on customer's cars but here it is. Beginning in 9/93 I replaced a lot of parts and fasteners that were worn or incorrect. Remember, back then most of this stuff could still be had from Nissan. This is not meant to be a complete list, just some of the high lights

Battery cables (2), radiator fasteners, distributor fasteners ( I still have a few factory screw sets), valve cover loom stands, oil pressure switch and voltage reg cover. I also did some routine maintenance. Someone had lifted the car without padding the lift arms so I also repaired some related damage/scuffs

5/94 saw the replacement of his dash, carpets, trans tunnel vinyl, heater control valve, horn relay, etc, etc, etc

Several visits where I replaced things like headlamp assys which just didn't meet Paul's requirements, installed the correct radio brackets, etc

Did a lot of intake/exhaust  manifold detailing and other stuff which lead to the Gold Medallion at Atlanta

Given that a restoration is never really finished the next several years up to 8/17 saw maintenance, left door hinges, a starter, left window reg, carb rebuild (Z Therapy did the throttle shafts and I did the rest)

8/17, final visit. He brought me an NOS air injection manifold and fuel rail which I installed with fresh factory gaskets and fasteners, etc     Cheers

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