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Original headlight buckets for S30 in Japan

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I can't read all of the description, but, it looks like this seller is offering a set of headlight buckets (the plastic-type) for a S30/Z432.  Price is up there ($1,422) but there may be some of you out there still looking for a perfect set for your project.








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Google translated text:

★ ★ Product Details

☆ Super rare! ! Resin-made headlight bezel for initial type S30Z Z432 New! ! Boxed! ! It is an exhibition of.
☆ Genuine part number: 63116-E4100, 63115-E4100
☆ It is made of resin for early model 44 to 45 years S30Z, Z432, Z432R. (Not steel since mid-term !!)
☆ new unused! ! Boxed! ! is.
☆ If you miss this time you will probably not get it again! !
☆ If you are seeking perfection, we will refuse the tender of nervous ones firmly.
☆ Please bid on observance of no claim & no return after confirmation with the image.

※ In addition, we have exhibited many parts such as parts for S30Z, parts for L-shape, parts for Nissan old cars.

★ ★ Shipping Details

☆ Shipping is uniform 3,000 yen (Hokkaido, Okinawa 5,000 yen plus)

★ Notes ★

☆ Please contact us within 24 hours after the end of the auction and only those who can complete payment within 3 days.
☆ The one with a bad evaluation and the one with few evaluations may cancel even if the end is near.
☆ Cancellation after a successful bid, discount can not be accepted at all.
☆ We have set it up uniformly because we can not handle many inquiries for shipping costs.
☆ Since it is different from the actual shipping cost, we can not accept any claim regarding the shipping cost after a successful bid.
☆ I do not hear the specification of the delivery company.
☆ It may take time before shipping due to work.
☆ If you are in a hurry please contact us in advance.
☆ All our exhibits will be stock items, so there will be no purchases after a successful bid.
☆ Please bid only for those who can understand all explanatory notes and notes.
☆ If you can not follow the instructions will be deleted by the highest bidder convenience. (Please note that a bad rating is automatically attached)
☆ Please issue a transfer form instead of issuing a receipt.
☆ Please check if there is any damage once the product has arrived. (We can not accept complaints from the day after arrival)
☆ Please look at the self-introduction before bidding.

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