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Wiring of horn pad, 280z

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Seems like I am missing the wire for the horn pad so my horn is not working...  Where should the wire for the horn pad connect? Its a 77 280z


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I've seen that post but I am still not certain where to attach the wire or how it is connected to item 16.  I don't have that wire and there is no visible attachment point on item 16...




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I have a 76' 280z (steering wheel mounting hardware looks identical to your photo above), and the horn pad is triggered by a smaller copper spring in a rigid rubber tube under the horn pad mounting bracket.

I know there are some changes between 75/76 and 77/78 model years, so the horn functionality of your car may be different than mine.

I believe the wire is for the 240z steering wheel and horn pad mounting bracket. Is the parts illustration exploded diagram above for a 240z or 260z?

Try checking the fuse box first if you haven't done so already. I think it's a 10A fuse for that slot, but check the 1977 z car FSM to be sure.

Here's a link to download it for convenience:

Then check for the actual horn itself to be sure it is there.

Then try looking for the little copper spring under the steering wheel horn pad mounting bracket.

I hope this helps.

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