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Sport Z Magazine's New Forum


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Hi all,

I've created a new forum dedicated to questions, answers, announcements, and the like for Sport Z Magazine. They are a contributing vendor on this site and this forum comes with the deal.

If you have questions or would like to spawn conversations about the magazine, please do so in this forum. The guys at SZM will be checking this forum on a regular basis.

-- Mike

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Excellent Idea Mike!

Lots of GREAT information in that magazine. I subscribed shortly after they started and quickly bought up the back issues I had missed.

If anyone reading this has NOT contacted them to get some of the back issues you are missing out on some of the BEST articles on the early Z. Fuel Vapor Tank Hose Replacement, Reconditioning the "Wood" Steering Wheel to name but two.

Maybe down the road, when the back issues are all sold out, they might allow you to post some of those old articles which are still relevant.

Enrique Scanlon

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I think it's great to have a place to discuss content of the Magazine and for the Publishers to participate in our community. I've just finished reading the Spring 03 issue for the second time and I'm eagerly awaitng the Summer issue.

Thank you SportZ for your support of our club, and I look forward to your participation in this forum.


(subscriber since issue 2)

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I lurk a lot on all the Z sites and once in a while I chime in with a Colorado howdy.

Killa, your wait will be rewarded by our best yet. Look at our Home Page around Memorial Day, I'll announce when Summer 2003 is on the way.

For those of you who order Sport Z first class, you'll own the bragging rights. BTW1, as of this issue, we have officially been anointed by the USPS as being qualified as a Periodical Class Customer. Faster service is not guaranteed, but lets keep our fingers crossed that the occasional 3-4 week delivery cycle is in the past.

It only took about a year for the USPS to finish their audit, but we made it.

BTW2, we're alsmost finished with Fall 2003, should we mail it early?

Oh my!

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