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Stock 240Z Steel Wheel Color

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Thanks Blue, I see the pic of the original wheel. Looks like a satin black (not gloss).....would that be a correct assessment?

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Don't want to beat a dead horse, I can't find the thread.  And I just got back to this computer.  I've posted this picture before when I was talking with Kats about original wheels and tires.  This is from 26th.


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23 minutes ago, 26th-Z said:

Don't want to beat a dead horse, I can't find the thread.  And I just got back to this computer.  I've posted this picture before when I was talking with Kats about original wheels and tires.  This is from 26th.


But it's fully painted, correct?

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Well, yes.  Wow, does that picture look crappy on this monitor!  What happened?

The paint finishes are mat texture and although the silver may look like primer, primer is porous and not a sealing film.  The paint coating seals the steel.

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On 3/4/2019 at 6:04 PM, 240260280 said:

Here is a great thread:



To add to this thread link, the colour that I found the closest to the INSIDE (or majority of the wheel body colour, I guess) gray colour was actually Alumiblast from Seymour Paints, which is a popular "rebuilders aluminum" coating. 

All of the powder coated options I had spec'd out were far too glossy or had a shine to them that was not similar to the dull faux aluminum on the inside of the spare wheels in inventory.

The only issue with this Alumiblast paint is that it is very easy to rub off with solvents. The benefit to this is that it actually makes it easy to clean up if you are spraying the inside of the wheel after the tire is mounted to a fully powder coated wheel. Any overspray through the brake venting holes in the face of the wheel while spraying the inside can be easily cleaned off with brake parts cleaner. It can also be touched up with more paint, and it goes on wet and dries to the same shade as the base coat in about 30 seconds.

All the top coats I tried to seal in the Alumiblast on some test pieces mixed with the Alumiblast or caused it to re-liquify and wash out or become runny, and I didn't have time to find a suitable matte powder coating formulation at the time, so Alumiblast is what I settled on using.

It's probably not the most durable, but you could just buy some of that paint, coat a spare piece of metal, and then take it to a powder coater to attempt match the shade/finish with whatever they have in their inventory so you don't have to buy a 50lb box of custom powder.

I'd like to add that I also spot tested some of the Alumiblast onto the inside of the untouched original spare wheel and you could not tell where the spray line was. So that's the best indication of how close Alumiblast comes in terms of paint accuracy.

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that paint colour on the face seems to be a close match to that of the tail light garnish from the #162 and the original spare from the 72 that was on hand as well, which I referred to as "chalkboard black". Rustoleum actually makes a chalkboard black colour which is close, but it is not meant for exterior applications or road vehicle use as it's not very durable against the elements.

I never dismounted the tire as it was 5" as you noted and did not match the 4.5"s from the 69 cars under restoration, so I am unsure if it was over sprayed as shown in the photo above, but it wouldn't surprise me. They probably just had these stacked 6 or 7 high against a wall and just sprayed the fronts liberally with the same paint they sprayed the tail light garnishes and just churned them out. There was another item that was sprayed the same colour. I can't quite recall, but I want to say on the 162 car it was the front radiator grille that was clearly the same colour as the tail light garnish. I'd have to check photos to be sure.

I'm not sure if it's just the whitebalance on the photo,  but on the side view, the base wheel colour looks quite "cool" like a generic gray primer you'd see today, but on the top/down view it looks more like Alumiblast.

I think they used a primer that was closer to aluminum colour than it was to actual gray primer... it would have looked really unfinished if it was just primer. I think they would have rather sprayed the entire wheel black if that was the case to avoid poor feedback on overall finish of the cars.

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1606 wheel face
same as tail light garnish "chalkboard" finish when its cleaned up






182 wheel face.
dirty, pitted, and rusted.

you can see some of the overspray shown in some of the other photos posted earlier in this thread.


7214 spare and "NOS" spare with Bridgestone RD150
(not sure if actually NOS or not, but it sure looked like it)











the colour/deepness of the black is obviously different after a few decades of life and paint mixing consistency, but the gray/silver barrel colour is not as glossy as it looks in the photos. I would say it's more "satin" than matte. it's got a touch of gloss, but just like clean enamel shell coating gloss, not an actual gloss component in the paint.

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