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Dave WM

vintage dashes 280z

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1 hour ago, 72ZDave said:

CGSheen1, this picture is stock bulbs with the green covers still intact, and the inside of the gauge pods painted white, correct?

Yes, stock 3.4 watt bulbs, green plastic domes all cleaned, and repainted inside the cans with flat white. The lower right bulb in my speedo is not working. I just haven't gotten under there to replace it... Too hot in Phoenix. The speedo is the latest gauge to get new white paint inside though.

In my gauges, the original paint inside was kinda minimal besides being discolored. I generally covered the entire inside or as much as I could do with flat white. Flat also seems to make the light disperse a bit more. Repainting seems to make the biggest difference.

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2 hours ago, siteunseen said:

You notice the right side of your speedo? It's dimmer than the left.

😁 Ya, I noticed that after I reinstalled the speedo a few weeks ago. I've just been too lazy to get back under there to change that lower right bulb... I don't do much night time 140mph driving anyway. I mostly use that left side of the speedo. You guys may have shamed me into doing it before October though.

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Ha!  I'm with you on that, it's too hot for much of anything to get done around here. 

To be honest I'm not 100% my gauge lights even work.  I never drive them at night.

I did find some of the cool lighting Captain Obvious did but his photos won't show up in the treads.  Here's some from an image search...


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