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Dec. 260z door windows parts

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I'm working on my 12-'74 260z. the side door windows have everything I have seen online except the "Window Glass Roller Bumper Guide". This is just for the side to side movement and rattling. my problem is the front to back alignment when rolling up my window where i have to walk it back and forth with my hands on the top of the glass to make it roll up smoothly. I know I have to buy this part, but will it help me with my issue as well?

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On 12/24/2018 at 4:04 PM, youztheclue said:

 I know I have to buy this part, but will it help me with my issue as well?

No.  I think you need to adjust the forward channel - the vertical channel that the nose of the window travels in at the front part of the door.  That's assuming that you've already cleaned and re-lubed it (and all your other channels).  You might also check the nylon guide at the nose of the window frame to make sure it's not cracked or broken and is still properly attached.

If the window doesn't stay level while you're rolling it up (tilts forward or tilts backward), that's the small channel near the rear of the door.  The FSM shows how to properly adjust.  The trick is to get both of those channels adjusted in the correct position so that the window moves smoothly and stays level as it moves up and down...

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I have cleaned the channels: two on glass, one on inner door near armrest, one on the front inner door angled back. There is the trim of the window frame but it doesn't really touch the window. When rolling up or down it feels like it is binding on the front it's better with grease but the nylon guide seems undersized by a cm or so.

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Undo the two bolts that hold that front channel in place, and see if it will slide by hand up and down the nylon block smoothly. This will isolate if the binding is in the nylon block movement in its channel, Or else, something other misalignment that is causing the window to move such that it pushs the nylon awkwardly, binding it in its channel

That channel is made of some thick steel, but I have seen some bent ones... I think those were mostly PO's trying to 'improve' the motion...

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