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Hidden collapsed fuel hose

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Every so often someone will post a thread about not getting being able to get enough fuel up front to the engine, they have replaced the filters, the pump ... and so on. Here is an obstruction I have never run into before and is completely hidden,  there is a rubber sleeve going through the subframe between the tank and the fuel pump on my 77,  the fuel feed hose goes through that hard rubber sleeve. I have started scraping in that area so cut one side of the hose and pulled it through,  for some reason the hard rubber sleeve has contracted and crushed the fuel hose taking a 9mm ID hose down to 4.5mm.

I guess maybe age did it or gasoline vapors coming through the hose, anyway I'm going cut it off and bang it out of the subframe, I'll find something thinner to act as a protector for the fuel line. The drill in the pic was used to find the narrowest section of the hose.

Hope this helps someone.







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Wow! nice find. I do not have that issue on the 76 model as the tanks are different.

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3 minutes ago, Mark Maras said:

I'd try to drill or ream the splines out of the insert and leave it in place.

That's what I did with 78' assembly. Reamed it with a drill just enough to fit the new hose and even then had to lube it like the navy was in port.

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