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Captain Obvious

Steering Effort Differences Between Years

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4 hours ago, Zed Head said:

Too many variables and sample size too small to draw any conclusions, it seems.  As I noted above my steering was very light and loose in my garage on a dry smooth cold level concrete slab.  But my memory says that it's been much more difficult out on the rough driveway or the pavement of a road.

Add the height of the car, lowered or stock, to the variable list.  And rake, nose down is typically harder steering than nose up.

  When I changed my springs (Mulholland) and shocks (Bilstein) on my early 71, it dropped the car a bit as anticipated but one of the first things I noticed was the heavier steering at low-speed (parking lots). I did run a bit more negative camber than stock. I drove Jai's 76 at ZCON and it was definitely easier than my modified 71.

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Well my sample size is definitely too small to be reliable. I'm comparing two 77's to one 74 and one 73.

I've got one of those cheap digital angle gauges... Should be good enough to check for castor differences between my car and my buddy's 260. Maybe I'll do that next time the two cars are together.

Thanks for the input guys.

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Not quite on topic, but my car was very hard to steer at low speed. The tires were low. Put some air today and now it's steering easy again.

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