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Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!


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1 hour ago, HS30-H said:

Salient point being that they were not simply Hoovered up from another classiczcars.com thread and presented as though they are "new news". Where I come from, we call that "shitting on your own doorstep"...


I still love you Alan.... but I'll never visit you at your home... or I'll be sure to wear boots when knocking on your door.

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9 hours ago, 240260280 said:

LOL, I read too quickly and thought you wrote that I'll get a bum's rash on your door step.  I guess with all the poop it is possible.

You have metaphors in the Colonies too, I'm sure.

Anyway, how's the Hoovering going? Got enough in your bag for your grand opening yet? http://240260280.com/

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Yes in fact I do. Just not enough time to do it.

This section is ~67% complete for example: http://240260280.com/Tech/Carbs/Weber/DCOE Theory Operation and Tuning.html. It is still missing the tuning section and some revisions/input from working with a DCOE expert in the Czech Republic.

The rest of the site should be of similar quality and content. It will focus on technical tasks, modifications, and restorations. There will be a few smaller sections for racing, history, etc.

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3 hours ago, 240260280 said:

1983 Nissan Design Studio San Diego




Mr. Shigeru Nagata, was the interpreter assigned to assist Mr. Goertz when Mr. Goertz arrived at Nissan in Japan.  Among many other noteworthy accomplishments, he was assigned to build a new Design Center in the USA. Nissan Design International was founded in 1979 and held its Ground Breaking ceremony in 1981. The project was finished in 1983.

See:  http://zhome.com/History/ShigeruNagata/SNagata.htm  

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Alan, I understood what you told me , and us . I need to have manners to post something.

I am learning everyday !

Carl, that is interesting, Mr.Sigeru Nagata, for the first time for me. I have reviewed  all the Mr.Tamura's letters today, but could not find his name . Probably Mr. Yoshida knows him. 

If some one wants to know about Mr.Yoshida and Mr.Tamura, please see this,


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This picture was sent to me today by a Porsche friend. Yes, it’s from an advert for the 300ZX. But this pic is framed on his wall in his office. He’s the architect who designed the Thousand Oaks Public Library and the photo shoot for the ad was shot after the building was done on the outside. Tom got to be there for the photo shoot as he was the architect for the building. 


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