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Parting1981 280zxt coupe t top

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Parting out an original 280zxt couple auto Ttop. Engine runs but alternator is bad. 

the only thing on the car thats not being sold are the CV axles and R200, the rest is up for grabs. Or buy the whole donor parts car for $2000 with rearend and cv axle


$1100 Engine is a running turbo motor with the F54 block and P90 solid head. Trying to sell the set up as a whole from computer, wiring, basically everything to get the car running. 

$100 auto transmission

$350 Snowflake wheels with tyres with lots of meat left.

$200 Tail lights

$400 280zx Front and back struts great for 510 guys to modify

$150 gas tank

$150 Gauges

$250 All Glass 

$100 Ttop

$200 Turbo hood

$150 Headlight bucket with sprayer nozzle

$150 Front bumper and lower valance


Anything else I didn't post let me know and I can get you a price. I can part engine as along as I have people buying majority of the parts. I only have this car for a limited time before its gone. PM me for any questions but if my inbox is full email at messimotor@yahoo.com

All parts are located in San Diego and can be shipped and buyer expense but picked up prefered. 




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