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High quality and snug fit driver's door weatherstrip


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I bought a complete set of doors weatherstrip for my 240z from vintage rubber. Does anyone know of a better supplier that can provide a tight and snug fit weatherstrip of the drivers door without using any silicone sealer?
I know there have discussions I believe using the weather strips for the doors I believe off of a Kia. Would the site or maybe someone knows the posting I am referring to.

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3 hours ago, jalexquijano said:

... I believe a good tight seal does not need any adhesive.


The weatherstrip is held in place by the "pinch welt".  That "U" shaped part that fits over the flange.  It has metal inside and you can actually remove it, squeeze it tighter in spots, and reinstall it if it's not holding well.  That doesn't solve your "slamming to close door" or "weatherstrip pinching, cutting, or tearing in some areas" and/or "not completely sealing in other areas" though...

The Kia Weatherstrip workaround is a viable alternative to the CRAP door weatherstrip that Precision sells.  (We had a 1975 280Z Museum car in the shop and compared the stock Nissan door weatherstrip to the Precision weatherstrip and Precision got it very wrong.  The stock weatherstrip is amazing in comparison.)  The Kia door weatherstrip is essentially a "side bulb" type (similar pinch welt strip with a hollow circle of rubber attached to the side of the welt) that has a sharpish 90 degree corner molded in.  It comes out of an SUV so it's longer than you need for a Z (can be cut and a have the seam under the sill plate), but the molded 90 degree corner fits fairly well in the upper rear corner of the S30 door opening.

You can also buy generic side bulb welt that works as well as the Kia weatherstrip.  It won't have the molded 90 degree bend needed at the top rear of the opening.  I just put the seam there - I cut the ends at a 45 degree angle and mate them in that upper corner.  The welt fits nicely around all the other bends in the door opening and I install the pinch without any sealant.

BTW, you can also use a generic "top bulb welt: on the rear hatch.  It's much the same as the side bulb I described, but the bulb is attached to the top of the welt.  When you install it on the lower flange in the hatch area, the bulb will be on top and the hatch will close down on top of the bulb.  These bulb type seals are very flexible and will seal a surface with a varying gap.  Just another alternative...

This is just to show an example of what I'm talking about:  https://www.amazon.com/rubber-horizontal-Seal-weather-stripping/dp/B00NELWLPE/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1536258411&sr=8-18&keywords=auto+weatherstripping


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Okay i guess i will need to the following seals before i take the car again to the paint shop for fixing some details on previous paint shop:

Datsun 240Z - Door Seal LH Drivers (Fits on body) P/N LH 76801-E4100 $57.95

Rear hatch hinge seal  P/N 90410-E4101

Fender to body inner rubber seal LH AND RH set and clips

 Inner Hatch Weather Strip

Anyways i will take some pictures of the damaged weatherstrip due to sloppy installation after painting the car.


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