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Wanted: 70 or 72 240Z in or near CA


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Hi all,

Well since I killed my 72' 240Z, I'm in need of another. I currently have a 71' that is my daily driver so at least I'm not desperate..

O.k. here's what I would like in order of preference;

1) 70' 240Z

2) 72' 240Z

3) 71' 240Z distant third but will still consider.

I'm willing to spend 8-11K for the car but would like to keep it more towards 8K. I'll go higher but then proximity and getting nit picky with details on the car comes into strong play.

I'm looking for an orginal well maintaned car or one restored. No rust please. Paint needs to be in good condition but not necesarily show quality. 4-speed manual tranny a must and want a 240 engine. Numbers matching prefered. Not interested in cars with 260 or 280 engines in them. Suspension modifications are o.k.

Open to various exterior/interior color combos but my favorite is orange/black, red/black, dk green/tan.

Feel free to chime in if you think I want too much for the price or have any other comments. I've been out of the Z market for about 10 years and have noted the prices have escalated but I think I'm in the ball-park here.

Best Regards,

Landmizzle 71' 240Z

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Hi my name is Greg. I have what you might be looking for. I have a 70 240 z The interior has been restored. very nice. The body is orgional condition. not beat up. The drivers side fron fender has some rust on it but thats it. I have a new fender for it . It goes with the car . The engine is orgional 240 z. mods are headers and electronic ignition. The carbs could use some work. Theyre just old. The car is white with black interior. I guess what makes the car unique it has a very low vin # HLS>3000979. If your interested I will make you a good deal. I do live in Albuquerque New mexico though. You are welcome to give me a call at 505- 440-2180 Thanks!

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I have a 1970 240z. numbers match 4spd. its green with tan interior. it is at the paint shop and I should get it back this week. The car is in excellent shape. No rust and I have reciepts going back to 1992. Thousands of dollars in reciepts. I live in Rocklin Ca about 2-3 hrs from you. If you are interested please let me know. and call me at 1-916-300-8756. Almost everything in the car has been gone through in the last ten years from all new brakes, clutch, window seals, interior, new paint, custom wheels, the list goes on. I can send you some photos as soon as i get it back from the paint shop. thanks


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I can't answer for everyone but, I can tell you my opinion. I haven't forgotten about the '73 240Z. I simpley not very interested in it. This is based on several reasons;

1) Flat top carbs are terrible

2) Compression ratio dropped beyond even the '72 model.

3) Gained weight.

Since you own a '73 please don't take offense. I realize that many of these issues can be addressed. However, it is the above listed issues that turn me off with regards to '73 and I'm sure affects other peoples opinions on these cars.

There are some positives about the '73's. They are the most refined cars of the early Z's.

Best Regards,

Landmizzle '71 and '72

Originally posted by zcarmann

Why does everyone for get the 1973 240 yea I had 3 got one left here in AZ

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