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Polishing brake drums


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The OEM aluminum ones are being reproduced so no reason to buy the iron ones if you don't want.

To polish the aluminum ones you will have to sand them A LOT! Start with something course and finish at 600-800 grit. When they are pretty smooth switch to a buffer. You will need 2 different wheels and 2 compounds ( I don't remember off the top of my head). You might want to try to find a shop and see what they would charge to polish them. It will take some effort to get them looking good unless you have done some buffing.

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I like the idea. Probably can’t chrome them. Ceramic coating can produce a nice clean look and no up keep?????

I will interested in your decision.



72 body and block, everything else 71, Tokico springs, Illumina, R180 CLSD, 83 close ratio, 3.90 gears, Ztherapy SUs, BRE 15X7 Libre wheels and BRE front spoiler.



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The current drums are painted with a light-grey caliper paint.  I used a scotchbrite wheel to "polish" them first.  The finish is fairly smooth, and I think I could have buffed them as well.

I read about iron drums in the JTR  conversion book.  They claimed that Datsun 510 (IIRC) iron drums give better breaking because they don't "deform" when breaking, like the aluminum ones will.

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