Z car forum not compatible!

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    I will admit I am not three brightest bolt in the pile but after doing restore to my antique Asus TF700t table I found out the Z car forum on Google play station is no longer compatible.


    Where or should I say when did I miss the boat with the forum. Is there another version that I can use? I will say if it means buying a new tablet, don't think that Errol happen.


    Great forum and thank you in advance for any input.


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    The required version of Android is 4.2+, perhaps you were using an older version for the application, in that case @Mike might have an older build version that he can send. 

    If you can update the Android version on the tablet, that might sort you out. There have been lots of recent security fixes within the last 1.5 years, if you have the option to update the hardware, you get security updates from the newer operating systems, as well as a faster machine. 

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