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Ordered Moog 6558 Chevette Springs. What length / how many coils to cut?


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My 73 240 Z has horrible stock springs. PO jammed foam in the back and sprayed foam up front. I have a 72 parts car but wanted fresh springs. 

I ordered 4 Chevette front sprins pet 6558 from Car ID. I have a fresh set of strut cartridges too. 

The big question is how much to cut off the Chevette springs. Could anyone with experience with these let me know how much they removed?

My goal is stock ride height. 

BTW, I know these threads typically turn into a debate about the merits of lack of merits of a Chevette spring swap. My goal is to learn what is an effective amount to cut from the springs. 

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@Hardway from this forum went through this exercise with the Chevette springs a few years ago and did a great write up on his experience.  You can find the thread here:

Don't recall if he ever got it the way he wanted it but there's a lot of good info in this thread.


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