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Kenmeri 5Speed Shift Knob


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18 minutes ago, Yamahacam said:

I only have Blue, haven't seen a gold one.


How much you are looking to get for it?

Here is a picture of it....mostly came on C10 GTX's!! But the first made C110 came with the Gold shift knobs.


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54 minutes ago, gotham22 said:

Did you guys say you know where to find a red one? Will it fit a 78 280z

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There is one in ebay right now but not 100% original,The indicator is original but the knob it self not.....just go to ebay and search 280Z shift knob,you will find it in the third page!!

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6 minutes ago, Yamahacam said:

Sorry to confuse mate, not selling. I'd really like to also find a 4 speed one for my other gearbox.


Yeah No worries brother.....

There is couple in Yahoo Japan right now........

just search gtx shift and c10 shift one is gold 4speed and the other one is Blue 4speed.I will send you the URL in the morning.....I am at work right now and they blocked the copy and Past!!

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13 minutes ago, gotham22 said:

Where did you get one? Still looking for red one

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The skyline shift knob are longer than the 280Z Knobs....but if you want one with red tag just go here....



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8 minutes ago, heyitsrama said:

Anyone have a wood lathe? I have these really cool layered pieces of wood, I just don’t know anyone in the Bay Area with a wood lathe :(

Ask this guy...he always work with wood......He restore Classic wooden boats.

His name is Russ 602-321-5864 he might help.....

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7 hours ago, Captain Obvious said:

I do.

And I've been known to make a knob or two:

But I'm nowhere near the Bay area!  :)

Wow this is great....did yo made this knob?

It's easy then to make a kenmeri shift knob. Or a plastic Skyline horn emblem with letter S on it.See picture.



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5 hours ago, Captain Obvious said:

Yup. I made that knob. Top to bottom.  The knobs I've made are a labor of love. Easy? No!!  :)

If I had a Kenmeri shift knob that I cold use as a pattern, I could probably copy it. But to be honest... If they are available already, then it's probably cheaper to just buy one.

The kenmeri knobs are discontinued from the dealers...but they are available for $250 in  JDM-car-parts.com

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