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Duffy's 1/71 Series 1 240z build

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15 minutes ago, madkaw said:

I used my AC holes since I don’t have AC. Where are you mounting the ECU? I split up my harness running my sensor wires out the opposite side of the engine using the choke hole. 

I haven't decided yet. I have the original ECU location behind the panel on the drivers side footwell, but I also want easy access for the USB port for programming. I actually have a plan to run a USB extension into the dash for the Haltech programming. I also have the CANBUS kit that needs to be installed as well for the wideband O2 sensor.

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I mounted my MS3 on the trans tunnel on passenger side . Since I decided to run my harness thru the AC holes I figured I would keep the ECU closer to that . Not sure there is a right or wrong for location- it depends on the owners set up. 

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Working on my 280zxt Cas signal, so I can do full sequential.  


I got a very nice 280zxt distributor without a cas from a fellow Datsun nerd.  I then found a basically new fully Nissan Cas from a 1998 Nissan Quest.  Which has the correct trigger wheel.  Pretty neat.  

Dizzy is getting vapor blasted today and I should have it all installed by the weekend.  Pretty excited! 






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