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New Coil

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Iam in the process of installing an new ignition coil that came with its own white resistor block. It has a wire that goes from resistor + to + on the coil.

My issue is that the new resistor as two attachment point were as my original resistor has three attachment point. (Early 74/260Z).

The original connections goes like this; the small cylinder (condenser?) is connected to the + of the coil than a blue wire from harness goes to coil negative. White/black wire from resistor negative to + coil

Black/White wire from harness goes to + resistor

Black/Blue from harness to its own pole on resistor.

Black wire from harness to - resistor to positive coil via white/black wire. (Black and White/black connected together at the resistor negative).

My question is how to I attach all the wire to the new coil and resistor which has only two attachment point?


Thanks in advance.

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