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I haven't been able to post on all the z forums I think this is the last one lol.  I picked up a 1972 240z with Jim Cook Racing California Z body kit on it.  This car was completely restored in 1981 by the first owner, I picked it up from the second owner who drove it from 83-93 and left it garaged since. I vacuumed out the rats nest, gave her a good wash today after 25 years of dust, did an oil change(so black and reeked of gas) wiped down all surfaces from rat pee, and treated the battery tray with acid treatment and painted it since it's empty and only surface rust currently.












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I bought a motor a few years ago that had gas in the oil pan from the carbs being out of the ballpark rich.  Took the valve cover off and the valve train looked like new for om the gas wash. LOL

Never seen square headlights on a 240, interesting looking car. Shined up nicely! 

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2 hours ago, DatsunZGuy said:

Real nice find! I really loved that body kit as a teenager :)


By the looks of the DoD vehicle decal on the windshield, it was once owned by a junior enlisted person.

Good eye! The guy I bought it from bought when he returned from Guam in 83, but he bought from a LCDR I think from the original for sale sheet that was with all the stuff.

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