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Interesting carb tuning method. Thoughts?

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That bottle manometer style won't work for the Z application, at least not in stock form.

In order for that device to work, you have to be able to isolate the engine side (high vacuum side) of the two carbs from eachother. Problem is that the Z carbs are tied together by the balance tube. In order for that manometer style to work, you would have to block off the balance tube passageway somehow. You would also need vacuum ports on the engine side for both carbs, and I don't believe those exist for the round tops. IIRC, the front carb has a vacuum nipple, but it's ported vacuum, not full vacuum. I don't believe the rear carb has any provision at all for a vacuum connection.

So the bottom line is in order to use a manometer style device like that, you would have to disable the balance tube and you would also have to come up with a way to supply two vacuum nipples, one on each intake manifold. (The aspiring creative inventor could suggest that a pair of nippley devices could be bolted to the intake manifolds where the balance tube usually goes that would both segregate the intake vacuums AND provide vacuum measurement connections at the same time.)

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3 hours ago, Captain Obvious said:

And (just because it's Z related?) here's a neat shot of my home built level manometer being used to sync my cycle carbs.

And you can see a corner of the Z in the shot as well!!   Nurse!! IV STAT!!!   :)

WTF? Dr Frankenstein. LOL

I didn't know you had a bike, another rung on the cool ladder.

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Haha!! I'm not sure it's worth a rung of the cool ladder, but I've only ever bought two brand new vehicles in my life off the dealer lot, and this is one of them. She's an antique at this point!

I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to retain ownership though. Riding around seeing everyone in their SUV's driving with one hand on the wheel and the other hand on the smartphone... It's out of control.

I'm the one that's the most vulnerable. I used to ride more, but phones and inattentive drivers have taken most of the joy out of it.   :(  :angry2:

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I wonder how some of the old timers tune dual carbs without using tools. Have a flow meter on the way but still, would like to build the skill to just see, taste, touch and smell my way to a perfect tune ?

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