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280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration


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I have had 3! 280zx's   and were 1980 and 1983 and now a 1979.. they are/were all euro versions and all had an oil cooler!   I'm sure that it all was standard.

Thanks mailnome for your answer..  i think i leave it of as it don't really needs it with my driving .. this one is not for the circuits..

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As i'm busy with the engineroom.. My air flow sensor is.. i think a little of scale due to the old spring in there..  I looked for a topic but could not find anything

As i'm restoring al the parts in the engineroom, is there a way to restore the springtension in the air flow sensor/ a topic that i can read before i open mine?

After 42 years the car is still driving well but i think a little slugish?  It could do better but don't know yet if it's the AFM ?  .. Compression on my 280zx 1979 euro.. (L28) is perfect on all cylinders.  It never missed a beat and runs very well..  (I'm surprised that the AFM is doing so well as most AFM's are of the scale wrong after 40+ years..

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I just finished parting out what was left of a extremely rusty 79 slick top 2+2. I have the AFM and ECU if you want them for spares. Very very cheap. 

Only other things worth saving were the instrument cluster, steering wheel and maybe the right tail light.






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Thanks guys! 


i have some reserves but with 7 contacts.. (AFM.)  .  For the "ECU " i have a later 280zx ecu.. but then.. i've never seen a dead one..

Also my orig from the car AFM has P6600  but i think the P7200 could work as well.   I'll thought about it but the shipping costs will be to high i think..



Yes! thats it!  Thank you very much for the links! 



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Cleaning up the engineroom was my last task on the 280zx, and it's slowly taking place.. I'm rarely in the garage to work on it.. my gas heater is broken down and with these natural gas prices..  I'm busy with electric heaters.. And for the time i have no solar collectors.. thats also expensive..(High electric bill.) As energy prices overhere also exploded we are all in the race for those solar collectors! And YES also made in Holland is an option!

So i'm more often seen behind my pc..pfff..  Also my energy level is a bit low these days..   

So i looked up my 240z and 280zx op Hagerty's and it seems that the 280zx is following the 240z's lines.. (I restored my 280zx just in time it seems!! :beer:  ) 

Datsun 240z 1971...


Datsun 280zx..  Double the price in one year!!


My 240z is not an "excellent" car but i have more than enough parts to make it that way already in storage for years..


I finally assembled the engine in October.. was to sick to do anything in November..

Here some pics of the result.

Still hanging upside down..


Inlet plus injection..





Taking out the old broken bolts with a good heatup by welding it... it was a easy job!


New bolts installed with some red (very tight) lock-tite. And some new self locking nuts.

20211019_170418 (1).jpg


Assembled the under the hood light also..




At this time the engine is ready to go back into the engineroom, i have to clean that up first, paint the inner fenders and just give it a good clean for the rest of the parts, most are already done. As it is a daily driver it has a black anti rust bottom and i leave that as it is, also on the lower beams in the engineroom. (I took off a bit of it from a brakeline and... surprise surprise..  the olive green ORIGINAL Nissan brake line paint came out looking brand new!) 



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Posted (edited)

I took a look at this topic of mine and saw that i left out some pics i have from the engine..

Here some pictures of a 280zx L28 engine with only 120,000km on it (74500 Miles!)


With some patience i managed to lay the chain on my vise and make a pic of it.. it's almost like a new chain after these km's.. i could put it back in and the  sprocket of the timing is still on the number 1 hole!


Almost no wear on the chain-guide.. And YES these ones have gone back in the engine.. the rubber was very good, it was tough but very deformable! (I find that unbelievable! After 42! years!!) (i keep the new set for next time....)


Haha.. the other end of the dipstick... you dipstick! 😉   (yeah a 240z on the background...)



Some pics of the deck.. Nice cleaned out headbolt holes and a new headgasket on..

20211012_144618 (1).jpg

20211012_144634 (1).jpg



20211012_165749 (1).jpg



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