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wiper motor


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Use the Rain X in the YELLOW bottle for the outside of your glass. Trust me, you'll love it and you won't miss the wiper motor that much.

On another note, NEVER use the interior anti-fog stuff. That stuff is absolutely the WORST product ever. That's the stuff that comes in a black bottle.


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Hey Frankenstein, I've got a wiper motor. It came off a 73 parts car. I'm sure it'll work, but not sure about the connector. you might have to re-wire the connector and use your existing one.

It's in Placerville, CA. 95667. I'll let it go for $25.00 plus you pay the shipping. Is that fair?

Reply to me at :

[email protected]

Or call me at work 916.408.3231

Scott Lumsden

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Hey victor, yeah that is what I thought, so I took it down to a place called auto electric here in my town. They are very reputable with this stuff. The guy told me he could get the parts any more. He said the armature was shot and so were some bushings. At least I think thats what he said. But anyways that leads me to my current spot.

Appreciate the thought though,

Frankenstein Z

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