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Fairlady Z NISSAN 2000 OHC Valve Cover

70 Fairlady Z

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I won a Fairlady Z NISSAN 2000 Valve Cover for $200.00 on Yahoo Auctions.

Japanese Auction Center (Jauce) is a broker of auctions. I found the valve cover on Jauce. The selling price was 22,500 Yen. As fellow Z enthusiasts  we should help each other out.

$400, $500, or $600 is too much to pay for a valve cover.

10,000 Yen is approximately $100.

Jauce is easy to use and you have to put money in your account via PayPal to bid. Some auctions are blocked for Japan bidding only, but you can request to have them unblocked. My valve cover was a blocked auction and I requested it be unblocked.

Cheers, Kirk Towner



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