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78 280Z Crank no start

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Hi I have a 78 280Z that wont run. 2 Owner California car, very clean. I had it running when i bought it, but it always started rough, backfiring and sputtering. After replacing some hoses, I drove it about a mile and it started running very rough and had a major loss of power. I have checked for spark and fuel pressure (you can hear the pump running, too). It will crank and not even backfire or fire at all. Compression is also good. I do question the wiring because the pins on the ECU/ computer and the leads on the fuel injectors do not correspond with a wiring diagram I have. Faulty crank sensor? I have replaced all the easy ignition stuff- Wires plugs cap rotor. Really at a loss, ive never worked on anything with EFI and no OBDII before. Thanks

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You need to add some numbers.  You "checked" a bunch of things, but, as you said yourself, you don't even know what "good" is.  Provide the numbers and we can tell you.  Ignition timing, cylinder pressures, fuel pressure, year of the wiring diagram you're using and where it came from, etc.  

1978 didn't use a crank sensor.  

The 1980 fuel injection book covers all years up to 1980.  Use it to test electrical components, using a meter.  If you do, write the numbers down.


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