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Nissan Factory restoration cars


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Hi all,

New member here. I used to own a 1970 yellow 240Z back in 1976, also had a 300ZX twin turbo in 1992.  I am interested in getting another 240Z and wanted to get opinions on purchasing one of the factory restored 240's that were done back in 1996. They originally sold for around 27K directly from Nissan as essentially brand new cars. From what I have read only about 40 cars were actually completed before Nissan abandoned the project. I am looking at a 1971 which they are asking 70K for, which looks to be as new. Do you think this is this a fair price? Your experience and expertise will be very much appreciated. 

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Thanks I'm flattered.  I have a bunch of messages so here's the deal.

The compendium is a little over 30 pages long, printed on nice paper stock with color photographs and images.  It includes a listing and picture of 27 of the (arguably) 38 cars restored during the program.  There is a long bibliography which notes all my references taken from written articles, oral interviews and a VHS video that Pierre gave me.  It is bound with a spiral binder and clear cover.  It costs me a little over $15 to print one.  Carl Beck just published a book and used Lulu to market the volume.  I wonder if I should do the same.

The compendium covers what I believe to be the full extent of the story which encompasses the Dream Garage advertisement campaign, management of the restorations, and what (initially) happened to the cars.

I could work out a Paypal arrangement if you really want a copy.  I have three of them printed right now.



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$70K? Wow!  I remember seeing one in 2004 when my son and I visited Peak Nissan in nearby Littleton, CO.  It was originally purchased in 1996 or 1997 by a gentleman in Florida and Peak Nissan had it on their showroom floor. Asking price back then was $30K. Here are a few pictures that my son took of the car.

By the way, Chris, I would love to buy a copy as well.







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3 hours ago, 26th-Z said:

I have this picture from the seller.  It is not a Vintage Z.  The VIN is HLS30-22547.  It is a Les Cannaday / Classic Datsun restoration, however.


Is the Seller advertising or offering this Z - as a Vintage Z?   Is this the car the OP was asking about?

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That is the one I was enquiring about. After I re-read their ad I realized that they were not representing it as a Vintage Z. 

Not sure if this car is better, worse or equal to the original 37 Vintage  Z's  

Based on what little I know about his restoration work he seems to be extremely proficient at his craft, a least according to his web site  


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