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Sputters...Strong fumes


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I finally got my Z running again due to a disconnected wire. I changed the oil & went to the gas station yesterday and filled her up with 94 oct. The highest grade that the station offered. I heard that you should use 92 oct but I used the higher oct instead. I think the gas is dirty. I haven't changed the fuel filter yet...Anyway, I drove her about 2 miles and came home to park her. She wasn't picking up like she should but the RPM was moving up & she was sounding like a tornado storm......FAN...about 2000 rpm. When I got home I didn't have the oil dipstick on. I started her up and she struggled to idle around 800 rpm. The fumes were very strong. She cutoff & when I tried to start her back up, she wouldn't.....I'll check the plugs 2mro but does anyone KNOW what the prob could be? As always, when you fix something, something else goes wrong.....

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It sounds like the pressure side of your fuel system has sprung a leak. Check the fuel rail on the engine all around the little rubber hoses, check the other lines in the engine bay right back to the tunnel failing that keep checking back. it may be a pump external fail as well. I hope it is easily visible because it is dangerous if im right.

good luck


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