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racing seats, diff, springs, radar, wheels


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Here's what I want:

-Tokico or Eibach springs

-3.90 r200 in GOOD CONDITION with mustache bar, half shafts, etc

-Sparco, Corbeau, or MOMO race seats and brackets

-radar detector

-rims with tires ...(I really like the 6 point star rime I've seen on some 280zx's)

I have a bunch of things for sale also that I would be willing to trade.

-L28 engine with some FI equipment. I don't know how it runs, but it has been sitting a while. -$200

-ground control FRONT ONLY coilover springs, seats, and end caps. no camber adjustment stuff on them. -$200

-A set of mags as can be seen on my car in these picts:

www.cardomain.com/id/drmattyg the wheels will be off my car shortly -$250

centerline autodrags(trade only)

-a set of 73 carbswith linkage and air filter(if you need some little parts) -$50

I can toss a little cash here or there too for the more expensive things like seats if its in a trade.

I am in the SF bay area so close to there is preferrible.

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