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h4 conversions and other lighting ????


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Looking for feedback on the diamond lenses you see on e-bay, you obviously get what you pay for so what's the give? or are there any other inexpensive h4 conversions worth considering,maybe something with a flat lense and/or uncut.(aware of both the autopal and hella products).I realize there are posts on this subject I have yet to read, but if I use a low wattage bulb, should I concern myself w/ electrical upgrades to be done on my "77".

Whats with the lighting laws, specifically what happened to yellow lense fog lights, My opinion the best for snow driving (not that my Z should be exposed to any). As I undersatnd there illegal because of distracting, kinda amazing conidering the crazy displays of lights I have seen. Could my Z be Grandfathered in to legal.

What ever happened to to Cibie stateside?

.... while I'm at it.... has anyone wired their marker lamps to also work w/ the turn signals? Alternating flash?

Thanks, Darylick

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I'm not sure if the existing system will support that kind of bulb or not. When my car was running, I noticed that it had the similar headlight 'dim' associated with many other Z's. It was especially bad when I was younger and ran a high-voltage stereo system in my car.

Times have changed for me and the car is sitting in the garage. But, I would consider upgrading the system because it would be pretty easy to do. Installing relays for the headlights can make a world-of-difference.

-- Mike

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