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Using Chrome Foil Applique to Restore Interior Logos


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Very nice.  Not sure I'd have the steady hand needed for that task - especially the glove box emblem.  I did the silver Sharpie highlight on my center console and, while not shiny metallic, it's held up well.


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38 minutes ago, grannyknot said:

John, I think you were a watch maker in a past life, looks amazing, beats the hell out of the Sharpie method.

Maybe a coat of Sharkhide clear coat over it?

Watchmaker, no.... although there were a lot of slot cars and Revell and AMT model kits back in my youth -- many of which featured poor attempts at highlighting the trim with silver paint and a 000 paint brush.  I always wondered how this foil applique stuff worked, so I decided to give it a try.  The trick to success is to drink the beer after -- rather than before or during -- the job :D.  Wish I could get my zinc plating efforts to work out this well!

BTW, the foil is stuck to the plastic pretty solidly and shows no signs of lifting or even being prone to lifting.  It has about the same 'stick' quotient as aluminum HVAC tape (i.e. pretty good).  Nevertheless, certain adhesives don't handle high heat, so we shall see.  The piece that's of greatest concern is the console insert plate, because it's located in a 'busy' part of the interior and the foil lines are thin.  I have no experience with Sharkhide, so not sure whether it would help or not.  For absolute protection, a coat of epoxy matte clear would seem to be the right way to go.

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Beautiful job, John!

I actually painted mine with a fine modeler's brush and aluminum paint. Took about an hour just for the dash plate and many tiny touch ups to achieve a good result. I gave it 2 coats of a satin (semi-gloss) clear made by a very reputable Japanese hobby paint manufacturer aptly  named "Mr. Hobby". Not only is the work protected but also gives it a subtle sheen similar to the original which wasn't really totally flat. I think that satin coat would protect and look great on your excellent work. I'll certainly try the foil for my next jobs.


280Z dash plate.JPG

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we had an old slot set from the 60's that had cars w/a pancake style motor - the motor itself was part of the car chassis and you could re-build them and swap parts from one to the other. the body came off and it was like being a little mechanic at the pits. i spent hours doing "performance mods" to get the fastest car, loved that set!

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